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Wrongful convictions research paper

A Case of Wrongful Conviction. Written by: Lance Kriete CJL4037 April 2011 Every year in the United States of America, millions of crimes are committed that violate and harm the individual rights, properties, and freedoms that are not only guaranteed to American citizens of this country, but also naturally inherent to mankind as whole. Wrongful Convictions Research Paper 858 Words 4 Pages Open Document Post 1 Wrongful Convictions A wrongful happens when a defendant who is innocent is found guilty in a criminal trial or even when a defendant pleads guilty to a crime they did not commit usually to avoid extreme sentences like death penalty. There are several reasons for wrongful convictions. Half of the wrongful convictions can be blamed on police misconduct and other wrongful convictions included false statements and mistaken identity. Wrongful convictions could and should be prevented. One of the most common forms of police misconduct is use of force. With wrong convictions as a result of prejudice with regard to ethnicity, religion, activism among other perceived evils, the numbers swell by day. This paper advances the view that the law has been applied selectively in many cases, and especially in America, leading to significant cases of misplaced justice, with regard to victims of terror.

This research paper explains why wrongful conviction has become a prominent issue, the scope of the problem, its causes, and reform proposals. The injustice of being convicted and imprisoned for a crime one did not commit is intuitively apparent. Wrongful Convictions Research Paper 417 Words2 Pages Wrongful conviction could be happen by false confession during police interrogation. There are variety of reasons that cause suspects confess falsely. Some factors include mental impairment, intoxication, the threat of a harsh sentence and some more factors. Causes of wrongful convictions The principal factors leading to wrongful convictions include the eyewitness error, overzealous law enforcement officer, forced and false confessions and perjury among others (Huff, 2004). Plea bargains have led to corruption in the justice system as they have led to the creation of fictional crimes (Roberts, 2003). The nature of the research will cause issues. First, a conflict of interest will rise. Second, sensitive questions from convicts will be asked, which may be strong and offensive, in order to judge the objectivity of the situation. Data Collection Data will be collected from three techniques. First, personal interviews will be conducted.

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Wrongful convictions research paper

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