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2020 Counting Down

It's January 1st and your Fat-Ass is sitting there watching a gym commercial getting amped up about getting into shape. Maybe you are that Lazy-Ass that is sitting there thinking its time to get your ass into gear and get work done. Maybe you are Lonely-Ass loser thinking about finally swiping right on that girl or guy, Or you are that all-around-piece-of-shit that is so fucked up that you don’t even know where the fuck to start.

Take a breath Fuckhead! CALM DOWN.

Yeah, it's 2020, so what? You’ve been who you are by choice for so long that any changing for the better is going to require more than some half-ass motivational quotes or bullshit posters. If you’re fucking serious you need to make a plan. Put that plan on paper, then we will see how serious you are about change.

If my intro paragraph offended you then I’m talking to you. If not carry on. If I hit a nerve then I challenge you. Through your favorite social media platform post your goal. Let the world see if you’re real or just full of shit. Hashtag it with #taaaagTEAM, It would be interesting to see how you do at the END of 2020.


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