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Bloging Fail

It has been a while since I’ve sat down to write on this blog. 2020 has been a heck of a year so far, and much has changed in our way of life. Lots of my focus has been an active transition back into the Air Force hoping for a commission as a Combat Rescue Officer.

A lot of my time has been balanced with my small business, training, and mentoring. Training takes up most of my time, with long-run sessions, and hours at the pool. With the colder season coming up, it's back to my base-building phase where I’m going to be trying to build a bigger aerobic base. Which means more miles, more time spent training, and more hours devoted to getting into peak physical shape to endure the selection process.

I’ve forced myself to journal daily as I progress through my training, however I find it mentally draining. I would prefer lacing up my shoes and going to a three-hour run. As with anything; this is my second attempt at putting thoughts to paper and tracking my progress.

Well here is the ole college try #2. Any tips and tricks on how to motivate oneself to write daily would be appreciated if left in the comment section.

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