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Cogito, ergo sum : I think, therefore I am

I don't believe in the supernatural, but when it comes to certain things I quite superstitious. One example, I take very seriously what comes out of my mouth as speech, because I believe what you speak could come into existence.

What do I mean l? When you guys materialize thoughts from your mind and speak them into existence, whether it be positive or negative, now has life. For example, “gosh this sucks”,“ I’m fat”, “I’m useless”, “I’m ugly” “I hate (insert noun)”, “I can’t....etc, etc” and the list goes on. If you just kept the thought to yourself, that thought doesn't have life yet. However your big mouth lets that thought out, and BAM! , that though comes to life. That event you're at turns sucky, you look in the mirror and you actually feel fat, you get depressed and eat more, and now you're actually fat. You say "Ahhh I hate People!!!", even though its what you thought was a funny cute comment, people actually avoid you. I KNOW I sound like an overly superstitious person, but I'm serious, these thoughts whether it’s a social media post, sarcastic comment, something said to a person, even something you really don’t give to much attention to, once spoken out loud has life now that you’ve released into the universe, now you're doomed, or” fucked”, especially, if it’s really something you don’t want in your life.

You don’t need scientific proof of this. You know it’s true, think of all the times you "shitted" yourself by releasing those thoughts into words, then those words become reality. Some of you think self-deprecation is funny, and use it is a form of being humble bragging, however, you might not come across as cute or funny at all, and just a P.O.S. “Cogito, ergo sum”, Latin for "I think, therefore I am" has a different meaning yeah? Save yourself from buying loads of self-help books and turn over a new leaf by saying something nice and see how that goes for a while.

I know, I know, I tend to sound preachy all the time. This post doesn’t always have to be gloomy. Search your memories for a time you should have said “I love you” out loud. You didn't and that love never manifested itself. Just thinking it doesn't have the same effect does it? Say it out loud “love you (insert name)” to someone is all the difference. Saying nice things to people just feels better plus, you just made that person feel a little nicer. Try this one, "I'm not going to quit", say that out loud when things get hard. Or one of my favorites in the gym "LIGHTWEIGHT!" coin by Mr.Universe RONNIE COLEMAN. Saying things out loud as real power.

Speaking words in life has real power. Some of us are too scared to say anything real. We head behind sad eyes or missed opportunities, with unrealized potential, or unwarranted influence or self-abuse. I got tons and tons of anecdotal stories but I'm curious if any of you have something similar, share it with us in the comments.

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