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Distractions Kill My Day

Like most, I'm trying to make 2020 a banger of a year. Getting over my habit of being easily distracted is high on my list. The vehicle to that goal is this blog, forcing myself to sit down and write something every day is like pulling teeth. My mind is always trying to find something else more interesting to do than to sit down and write. Even as I'm typing the mind is telling me; go make some coffee, 4:00 PM is approaching whats the gym routine going to be today, oh funny cat video on youtube and the list goes on until I give up on the task I actually set out to accomplish. This whole process takes about 2-3 hours of my day for a 2-3 minute read.

Why does this happen? Partly my day is not structured to correctly support the goals or tasks I'm trying to accomplish. My day is structured around being reactive to my task. What do I mean, well, I don't have a schedule written down, I float through the day with a schedule that was made for me, not by me. This is a recipe for disaster and I know it.

My day starts at 4:30-5:30 am, where I mindlessly do my routine of coffee, Facebook, Instagram, youtube, emails, goofing off. I do this for about two hours before I check my Airbnb schedule to make sure there are no checkouts for that day. If there is someone checking out I head over to my Airbnb and do some cleaning, until about 3:00 pm. Then my afternoon routine would be lunch then a workout/gym routine that takes about 2-3 hrs, before coming home and making dinner, and hanging out some more. I'm almost embarrassed as I'm typing how much I goof off.

How am I getting back in control? I'm using a calendar to write down all tasks. The calendar is just a small step that makes me sit down to actively, and mindfully focus on what's going on in my day. I write down the routines first, then what I want to accomplish next, then the work duties. When looking over the calendar I see I have tons and tons of time to goof off, but now that my day has a structure, I'm accountable to myself and have an easier time staying focused during the scheduled time slot. I feel less guilty when I glance over at my calendar and see what I've done that day.

How long can I continue, I don't know, hopefully, long enough for this to become a habit.

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