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Gym class heroes advice to massive GAINZZZ

Before I start off this blog, let me ask you “DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRUH”…Now that’s out of my system. If you've spent much time around a gym, you've probably overheard a few Bruhs give each other pointers and tips about what it takes to build muscle. One of the most common views is that you need to train to failure. Let me define failure, as in, stopping when you find that its physically impossible to move the weight any further. Furthermore, I want to add that failure isn’t just the last rep you think you can do, either; it’s the point where your muscles literally fail to complete a full repetition. Where it can't even hold the weight.

There was a study done at the University of Sydney, Australia that would suggest you don’t need to work until failure to achieve gains in the gym. I know some of you already knew this, but some of you guys always require some type of evidence to back up a theory. To further back up the claims and regular reps versus working until failure yield the same results, a group of researchers from the Federal University of São Carlos, São Carlos, Brazil did ultra scans of the muscles and found no difference in size and mass.

If lifting until failure is not required why do it? That’s another topic for another day. Lifting weights is not always about the gains or trying to achieve next-level results every time you're in there. For some, it’s a lifestyle and I respect that. I’m included in the circle of Gym Bruhs that lift until failure.


You don'e need to lift until failure. But with that said enjoy me attempt at 1000 bench press reps with my homie Phaysone.

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