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Live like you're dying...Cliche AF

While running around the track behind the Woodrow Wilson Highschool, a thought ran across my mind. Am I doing everything possible to live to my fullest potential? Such thoughts usually come with the backdrop of a place where someone great had once roam, and for those who are familiar with the new movie Ford vs Ferrari. The backdrop is Woodrow Wilson High school, the school where the great racer driver and designer Carroll Shelby attended before going off to become an automotive icon.

Shelby suffered from a heart valve leakage problem that was diagnosed early in his life. He would experience health complications from his heart throughout his life. The doctors in the 50's give him about 5 years to live. Well, Shelby lived, the man became pilot in WW2, a failed chicken farmer, then a race car driver where he was the first American to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. When his heart problem was becoming too much he started to build and design race cars. The cars that came out of his factory were fucking amazing, and they too would take on the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This dude was so driven by his passion that he would race with nitroglycerin pills under his tongue to prevent a heart attack.

I could only speculate what type of pressure I would be under if given such a short amount of time. I hope I would live the most badass life I could. Today is a short blog, as it is now the end of the third week of 2020 giving me some time to reflect on the rest of the year. Get after it girls and boys, and cliche as it may seem, live like you going to die.

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