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#taaaagTEAM Warm-Ups

I’m not repeating anything you don’t already know. You need to warm up. Too often, athletes show up ready to start the routine, excited to get going. While other show up with limited about of time. Trying to fit a workout into a busy schedule.

I’m just as guilty as many of folks that skip the warm up entirely, which is why I do things differently now. TAAAAG warm ups are great for everyone and will get your blood pumping.

There is not much data as to how much warm-up is needed before a workout or a race. There is no formula and we are all built different, some athletes have found they need a longer warm-up time. However I recommend the warm-ups are in the 10- to 20-minute range.

This is my go-to warm up. If you join us for a routine, this warm up will become very familiar. If you’re pressed for time “BAM” your warm up is also your workout; Amped to get to lifting, “BAM” your chess, legs, and abs are smoked, but not fatigued for the rest of the routine.

The 10 X 10 X 10

Push-ups X 10 Reps

Flutter Kicks (4-Count) X 10 Reps

Air Squats X 10 Reps

Repeat this sequence 10 times, for a total of 100 repetition.

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