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The emotion That pays it forward

In the midst of the tragic events over the past weekend where the world lost a basketball icon to a horrible helicopter accident. We all stand at the beginning of the 2020 year in disbelief. This heartbreaking event slowed me down to gather with family and friends, and express my gratitude for all that I have and every person around me.

We express gratitude in our own way and differs in the degree as to how incline we are to the feeling. Gratitude is said to be a spontaneous feeling. However, research demonstrates in mindful practice, people who deliberately cultivate gratitude boosts happiness and nurtures both physical and psychological health.

Gratitude starts within you, and from your life’s experience. In our hustle-and-bustle culture, where life is lived in the palms of our hands, and a person can be swiped and ghosted. One must be mindful of our actions and practice cultivating gratitude.

Here are a few examples of how I foster gratitude:

• Keep a journal or make a note of the big and small joys of daily life.

• Occasionally make it a point write down "three good things". I identify three things that have gone well and why. These become my bullet points for life.

• Write thankyou notes to others. I’ve done this in the past and it brings great joy even in times of despair.

• Think about people who have inspired you and what about them was most significant. Flashes of people run around my mind all day, during a run, swim, or just quiet time. The mental expression of giving thanks is just as powerful.

• Engage in "mental subtraction." Imagine what your life would be like if some positive event had not occurred. This works when I feel entitled and my ego is overblown.

My favorite is to write a letter, selfishly I admit, it makes me smile and feel better. Anyways, I’ve missed a few days of my daily blog, but well there you have it. Go out and express your gratitude to one unsuspecting person this week. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, a simple Facebook post with “You’re awesome” is better than saying nothing at all. Then report back and tell me how it went.

Roger that!

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