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The Secret Sauce to a Fast Mile

This is an entry-level program for those of you with zero racing experience. This program was originally written for 3 ladies that I had the pleasure of working with last winter. The program is not easy, it focus on speed and strength drills. So if you're serious about getting fast lets get to work.

This is not for those just wanting to run 5k rainbows and unicorn event. I’m talking about actually preparing your body to run a fast one-mile race.

Why train for the miler. Well, it's short and if you’ve prepared correctly its typically over in under 10 minutes. However, the benefits go beyond the race. Training your body for a Miler will have you looking in the mirror, like “DAMN, who is this hottie with the body”. I’m in the camp that thinks running the Mile will require more strength than endurance. Getting those legs working fast and strong is the focus of this program.

Endurance has its place, of course, however, I think its such a short race that you can just about anyone suffer through the entire event and still come in at a very good time. What's great about the race is that, if you didn’t do so well, you can easily correct your mistakes, and be out the next day and give 100% again.

Anyways Good Luck! Feel free to message me if anything is unclear in the breakup of the weeks. And do me a favor and share your results with us on INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK #taaaagteam.




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